Sunday, January 27, 2008

More on The Cure Within

So The Mind Body Blog has launched at the same time that a notable book about the history of mind-body medicine is being published, the previously noted The Cure Within. Serendipitous timing, says me.

The Christian Science Monitor reviews the book.

So does Slate. Get a load of the headline there: "The Psychosomatic Secret: The unscientific allure of mind-body medicine."

Note, for future reference, the noxious tendency of well-intentioned progressive thinkers to have an irrational faith in the power of rational thinking. Very quick they are to link anything that can't be measured quantitatively with that catch-all insult, "magical thinking." Their progressivism and humanity would be greatly assisted if they could let go of this unsupportable, insidious belief that everything that happens to us in every case is 100 percent reducible to chemistry and physics.

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