Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mind-body medicine in Pittsburgh

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, an article on a new study showing that meditation can help ease lower back pain.

The study was done at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, which happens to have something it calls the mind/body/spirit psychological services program.

Dr. Barbara Nagrant, a clinical psychologist who runs the program, is quoted in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as saying: "Healing involves mind, body and spirit."

She doesn't sound like one of those rebellious sorts that Anne Harrington is inclined to think mind-body medicine proponents are--people who actually do not want mind-body medicine accepted into the mainstream (see yesterday's post).

So let's just be clear that Professor Harrington aside, there are certainly a lot of real-life, experienced, open-minded people, even some within the mainstream medical community, who not only would like mind-body medicine to be more accepted by the mainstream, but are actively working towards that day.

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