Sunday, March 9, 2008

Another mainstream go at the mind-body connection

This time in Parade.

I'm thinking this sort of article is largely a good thing, part of the slow, steady effort that will be required to get the general public, over time, clued in to the reality of the mind-body connection.

So of course there's the typical arms-length introduction--this "may seem like New Age thinking"; note the implication that "New Age thinking" is assumed to be foolish and wrong. And then we're walked through the subject with a focus on extreme examples (the hypnosis subjects told they were touching something very hot who develop a burn blister, for instance).

This gets people's attention, I suppose. To me, it would be much better to talk about, say, how psychogenic back pain is far too often incorrectly approached as a physical ailment (see previous post).

But we'll get there someday. We'll really have to.

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